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  • Call for proposal starts on December 2019, the 2nd and ends on February 2020, the 2nd at 23:59.
  • All selected proposals will be notified by the end of February 2020. 
  • Program will be published soon after.


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FLUPA UX DAYS welcome hundred and hundred attendees each year (we reached 1.000 people during the 2019 edition :-). It is the impossible to miss this “rendez-vous” for User eXperience practitioners in France. During 2 days, attendees access to a well balanced mix of inspiring conferences and workshops, professional feedbacks and community networking.  

This 9th Edition will take place at the Cité des Sciences in Paris (located Portes de la Villette, Paris 75019) on the 18th and 19th of June 2020.

All people passionate about solving problems and human behaviors, including UX professionals, students, researchers, from private and public sector could send us their proposal for a talk or a workshop. Due date for sending us inspiring ideas is on Feb 2019, the 2nd at 23:59. 

FLUPA UXDAYS 2020 theme: “Current State/Future State”.  : 

"Current State/Future State" is a matter of temporality: days after days we’re trying to change and improve whatever we can change and improve but there’s still a future we can’t predict. It is sometimes promising, sometimes frightening, conformist or deviant, inspired by diversity and fed on social myths. Now and tomorrow are far too fragile, what are we gonna let happens?

We will consider first the following topics but feel free to send us whatever would make a great talk or workshop:

  • Org design, design ops, professional and social changes
  • Anthropocene and low-technology
  • Experimental design
  • Transhumanism and behaviour changes
  • Design, designers, our practice tomorrow
  • Fail now, succeed tomorrow
  • Teaching now for tomorrow’s designers

How to send us your proposal

Just fill the following online form (about 10min). We’d encourage you to detail the content of your talk or workshop as far as possible in order to help our editorial team to make a choice. We’ll favour descriptions with a short video presentation about you and your topic, or a video from a previous talk you did.

No advertising or promotion talk will be considered. 

Selection will be made by a jury of experts and the editorial team. 

Formats :

At the FLUPA UX DAYS 2020, there are 3 possibilities:

  • Long talk (35min + 5min Q/A): long talk is a perfect format for who want to talk about something in depth. It’s also the format we use for keynotes. It usually happens on the big stage ;-)
  • Short talk (15min, no Q/A): shorter doesn’t mean easier, you will need to be very dynamic to keep your audience inspired! Usually short talks fit well with topics or experience feedbacks that don’t need to go in depth. 
  • Workshop (90min twice a day or 180min once a day): workshops are the opportunity to practice with the audience, it could be about a new method, an experimentation, a game… the only thing to keep it mind is to make it fun and somehow reusable. 

Submit your proposal :

Follow the link and fill the webform

You can submit your proposal until Feb 2020, the 2nd at 23h59.

Both a jury made of experts and the editorial team will then build a fantastic program based on your amazing proposals. Once it’s done, we will notify every single submitter to notify them about their selection. The UX DAYS 2020 program will then be published early in March 2020. 

All cost related to moving and accommodation during the Flupa UX Days and happening between the 17th of June 2019 and the 19th of June 2020, could be refund up to 350€ VAT.  

Breakfasts, sweet snacks and lunches are provided at the Cité des Sciences on Thursday and Friday and included with your event ticket. The community dinner on Thursday night is also included.

UX days Team

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.